‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ member Kevin Brewer always looking for that ‘wow factor’

‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ member Kevin Brewer always looking for that ‘wow factor’

For Kevin Brewer, dancing is commodity particular a way of expressing the music he felt coursing through his modes. The computer technician didn’t anticipate to turn it into a career. But when he and his freestyle musketeers, Kevin  known as JabbaWockeeZ, ended up on MTV’s” America’s Stylish cotillion Crew,” dancing came his life. And it was this particular commitment, as well as the show’s 6 million suckers, that helped the platoon’s masked men win season one. Now, Brewer and his other teammates join the finalists of the string show on a live cotillion circuit. The 25- megacity stint of” America’s Best Dance Crew Live” will take place Wednesday night at the Palace Theatre. In addition to JabbaWockeeZ, Season 2’s top platoon SuperCrew, along with BrakeSk8, ASIID, and Fanny Pak, will battle it out on the boards. America’s Best Dance Crew Live’ Where Palace Theatre, Albany When Wednesday, 730p.m. How important$38.50 –$48.50 further informationwww.palacealbany.com “ It’s a different feeling live, ” said Brewer, who took a break from trial in Miami to talk on the phone about the live show. “ You actually see the person and the air. You feel the energy in the room, what’s coming out.

The television screen blocks that. It’s a completely different experience.” Chance to let go For the brigades, the show is a break from the reality show competition. The routines, numerous of them new, will be longer. In addition, there will be no breaks to hear to the reviews of the judges or to count the votes cast by suckers at home for the show. The live event is a pure blend of cotillion and music, exactly what Brewer loves. “ When I started dancing, I did not suppose about getting paid, ” said the 32- time-old. “ It was about growing and understanding myself, physically articulating what I was feeling, harkening to the music and seeing what could physically be at the same time. There was always a wow factor and a deep connection to the music. ” She was especially drawn to freestyle, a blend of smashing, popping and blocking, because of the variety of the music. It’s not just rap. All styles can produce the palpitation for the cotillion . “ In ballet, you would have classical or euphonic music; jazz cotillion , jazz music; salsa, latin music But there are no limits with freestyle. It’s so wide. The main thing is that whatever the music is, you have to physically dance to it and you really see the sound.” The JabbaWockeeZ crew reunited in 2003.

The original eight members performed at shows and clubs in Los Angeles and San Diego. During those times, the platoon honed their set perfection and art. They also came up with the idea of wearing their trademark white masks. Brewer said they wanted to cover their faces so the public would concentrate on their bodies. All eyes would be forced to capture the whole ensemble and the substance behind the choreography. This unifying look reflects the unified spirit of the crew. All 10 members are close musketeers. “ These are the coolest guys on the earth, ” Brewer said of her teammates. “ I suppose it was our moment of palm( in the first season) because we transuded love and respect. But we’re also fools. We make each other laugh. We are a bunch of fun guys. numerous of us have families. I’ve a 15 month old son. We do not take ourselves seriously, and people feel that.” undeserved character still, what he does take seriously is fashion. He said he learned to live on the bottom as a break cotillion , turning on his head, shoulders and back, and to move his branches freely, like he was a poppet

, like a popper and a locker. And he questions hipsterism- hop’s character as a transition to road crime. “ There’s a dark side, but there’s a dark side to everything. hipsterism- hop isn’t about road cred in order to be legal, ” Brewer said. “ The true substance of hipsterism- hop is love and expressing yourselffreely.However, people will admire you, If you express yourself actually. There’s a shade for hipsterism- hop. The crew owns a part of that. It’s a medicine culture.” The TV interpretation of the show is as important about the judges and followership as it’s about the brigades. Judges Randy Jackson, Mario Lopez and Lil’ Mama give advice, some helpful, some hurtful. But Brewer said he and the platoon took it all in stride. And with positive feedback from judge Shane Sparks, a largely reputed cotillion / choreographer, JabbaWockeeZ won over cult. As one addict noted on the platoon’s website “ They kill him all the time and they are amazing. They will always be the stylish cotillion platoon in America.” Brewer said he feels blessed that JabbaWockeeZ has captured the hearts of so numerous youthful suckers. “ The live show, we’re doing it for the suckers.

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